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4 Driver Engagement Tools to Retain Your Best Drivers

By Geena Barberio

This is Part Two of a two-part series on driver turnover. Access Part One, You Don’t Fire Safe Drivers: Involuntary Turnover and Training, by Instructional Technologies here.

Driver turnover is one of the largest, most costly challenges fleets face each year, totaling $8,200 on average to replace a single driver. There are two primary reasons a driver leaves your fleet:

  1. An accident occurs and results in termination (involuntary turnover)
  2. A driver leaves your fleet for the “greener pastures” of a competitor (voluntary turnover)

In Part 1: You Don’t Fire Safe Drivers, you learn how to use targeted training to prevent involuntary turnover. With competing fleets continually offering attractive signing bonuses, promises of home-time, and other tempting benefits, how do combat voluntary turnover and keep your best drivers with your fleet for the long haul?

Here are four ways you can start engaging your drivers to retain your top talent:

Regular Check-ins

Lack of communication causes nearly 40% of driver turnover, so when should you reach out?

A monthly call to “check-in” can help drivers feel appreciated and help them share any issues they might be too timid to speak up about.

By creating a stronger, more personal relationship with your drivers, you can establish a stronger emotional connection that will make them feel valued and respected.

Tip: Keep track of your drivers’ interests, favorite sports teams, or family member names and make your outreach more personal.

Birthday & Anniversary Cards

Tracking and acknowledging birthdays and fleet anniversaries is an easy way to engage with your drivers and help them feel appreciated.

Tip: Sending a hand-written card in the mail has a personal touch and is fairly inexpensive.


Text Surveys

Implementing communication features like driver surveys can improve working conditions for your drivers while demonstrating that you value their opinions and feedback.

Driver satisfaction is paramount to retention, so offering a convenient way to get feedback and help drivers voice their concerns is a win-win.

Tip: Driver surveys can be distributed via SMS messages, making it convenient and easy for drivers to participate.


Awards Programs

Some of the safest fleets use Safety Awards Programs to recognize dedicated drivers and keep them for the long haul. Programs like Safe Driver Awards, Consecutive Years of Safe Driving, Quarterly Safety Awards, or Million Mile Awards will help your best drivers know you appreciate their safe behavior.

Tip: Learn the steps to get started with awards programs in 4 Safety Award Programs That Work.


Automating Engagement

Implementing training and engaging with your drivers regularly can drastically reduce driver turnover, but it isn’t always easy to find the time as a safety or fleet manager. Tools like the Idelic Safety Suite automate touchpoints, so you’re always reaching out to drivers.


Key Takeaways

Your fleet can take proactive steps to reduce both voluntary and involuntary turnover. Engagement tools that are proven to reduce turnover and improve driver satisfaction include:

  • Regular Check-Ins
  • Birthday & Anniversary Cards
  • Text Surveys
  • Awards Programs

Schedule a time to talk to a member of our team and learn how engagement automation can save your fleet from costly turnover.

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